Five Temperaments (Inclusion) Test

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Five Temperaments is a theory in psychology, which expands upon the Four Temperaments proposed in ancient medical theory. This is the only free test online which measures the area of need called Inclusion.

There are the three areas of interaction in the Five Temperaments, which behavior and personality are divided into: Inclusion (How much you generally include other people in your life and how much attention, contact, and recognition you want from others), Control (How much influence and responsibility you need, and how much you want others to lead and establish procedures and policies), and Affection; (How close and warm you are with others and to what extent you want others to show warmth and support to you). These three areas of need were taken from Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO) and used in the Arno Profile System (APS) to measure the temperaments. This test will measure your Inclusion score.

Created by: Ezekiel
  1. Who is in or out of my relationship?
  2. I am very bubbly, cheerful, talkative and usually the centre of the conversation, telling great stories or jokes.
  3. I am compulsively active, finding inactivity extremely stressful and unlivable.
  4. I have a low energy drive, which only sleep can regenerate, so I tend to be an indifferent observer who expends minimal energy and often only gives a blank stare.
  5. I have a long-lasting, domineering, insensitive, angry, cruel, and abusive temper that never seems to go away.
  6. I give off false messages, appearing to like people and socializing, when in reality I do not, I'm actually a compulsive people user who sees people as tools, needing to associate with people whom I can manipulate into doing what I want.
  7. I'm a very slow-paced, private, and serious person, who prefers to spend time alone, rather than to socialize.
  8. I'm very diplomatic and mediative, so rather than becoming angry, at most I use dry humour, sarcasm, or teasing remarks, which also take less energy.
  9. I have a compulsive fear of rejection because of a low self-esteem, so I search the environment for messages that I'm not acceptable, seeing rejection from others when it is not there, and as a result, I can be easily offended and rejecting of others myself.
  10. I look like someone who's cold and withdrawn, and doesn't want to socialize, when in fact I very much want to socialize, and I am shyly waiting for someone to initiate it.
  11. I secretly have a compulsive need for acceptance, so when rejected, I feel unappreciated for my services, but I keep my anger internalized, causing it to remain unresolved.
  12. I am motivated by...
  13. I would describe myself as...
  14. My personal attitude about myself and other people is that...

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