Five Temperaments: Phlegmatic Blends (Affection) Test

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Five Temperaments is a theory in psychology, which expands upon the Four Temperaments proposed in ancient medical theory. This is the only free test online which measures the Phlegmatic blends in the area of need called Affection.

There are the three areas of interaction in the Five Temperaments, which behavior and personality are divided into: Inclusion (How much you generally include other people in your life and how much attention, contact, and recognition you want from others), Control (How much influence and responsibility you need, and how much you want others to lead and establish procedures and policies), and Affection; (How close and warm you are with others and to what extent you want others to show warmth and support to you). These three areas of need were taken from Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO) and used in the Arno Profile System (APS) to measure the temperaments. This test will measure your Affection score for the Phlegmatic blends.

Created by: Ezekiel

  1. I am optimistic and uninhibited when responding to personal relationships, but defensive and guarded about initiating deep relationships, and I hide this defensiveness behind a dry (witty, often sarcastic) sense of humor.
  2. I...
  3. If shown too much physical love and affection, I feel crowded or as if my space is being invaded.
  4. I enter into deep relationships only with people whom I can dominate and who will give me love and affection according to my terms, if that is not the case, I will undertake any behavior necessary (including a dry, biting sense of humor to hurt and irritate) in order to bring the relationship back under my control.
  5. I protect myself from rejection by not getting too involved in relationships, and if I am rejected or hurt in them, I will react with a dry, biting, sarcastic sense of humor.
  6. I communicate false messages, appearing to have a great deal of love and affection for someone, but I am really hiding my noninvolvement.
  7. I'm emotionally guarded, rarely showing or saying how I feel.
  8. I have little feeling for others, and I use my ability to show love and affection to screen out those individuals who do not meet my needs.
  9. I'm extremely realistic in both the amount of love and affection required from deep relationships and the number of people I require it from.
  10. I tend to serve in a faithful manner in order to gain the love, affection and approval that I so desperately need but feel I do not deserve, and I am totally dependent on others to establish a relationship and make myself feel loved, needed and appreciated.

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