How consumed are you by geocaching?

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Geocaching has become a worldwide phenomena in just a little over a decade. As it has developed it has created a language and a culture all its own. How much do you know about this?

How well do you think you know geocaching? Are you a newbie? A hobbyist? An old-timer? A professional? A professional hobbyist? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Desiree

  1. What is a streak?
  2. What is a muggle?
  3. Which one would you NOT see logged online for a cache?
  4. Which if the following is NOT a type of geocache?
  5. What does SL TNLN stand for?
  6. Which is the official mascot for
  7. What do you call the items you leave or take from a cache?
  8. What is the name of the company that owns
  9. Which is not an official geocache size?
  10. What is a mega event?
  11. As of December 2013, how many continents have geocaches on them?
  12. What does CITO stand for
  13. What year was the first cache hidden?
  14. Which is NOT a benefit of having a premium membership at [no urls]?
  15. Which is NOT a common place to find a geocache?
  16. Which is NOT a benefit of geocaching?
  17. Which are items that can be tracked by their owners online as they "travel" from cache to cache?
  18. Where was the first geocache hidden?

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Quiz topic: How consumed am I by geocaching?