What Soul Eater Character Are You?

In the anime Soul Eater, there is a very wide variety of characters and personalities. From the average schoolgirl to the crazy professor, this show has everything!

Who would YOU be? Would you be the egotistical Black Star? The madness-consumed Asura? The childlike Patti? The symmetry-loving Kid? Or just the average girl Maka?

Created by: SkyeWolf
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  1. First of all, hi there, I'm Skye! I'll be hosting this quiz. Now, are you ready?
  2. Now, on a day-to-day basis, what do you think about the most?
  3. If you had to choose a number, what would it be?
  4. Weapon or Meister?
  5. Alright, RP time!!! ;3
  6. You are laying in your bed, wide awake at 1:30 am, when something comes crashing through your window. Your think:
  7. It turns out that the person was a guy with spiky blue hair holding a chain scythe. He then announces himself as the great Black Star. You say:
  8. So then a dirty blonde girl holding a scythe jumps into your room, followed by a guy with black hair adorned with three white stripes. You:
  9. The girl says she's named Maka, and the boy says his name is Death the Kid. Then, Maka says you have the soul of a Meister/Weapon. You ask:
  10. Then, they offer you to come to the DWMA with them and become a student. You say:
  11. So you accept the invitation, and then Maka asks you who you want to ride with, as it will take a little while to get there, and you couldn't walk. You say:
  12. Ok sorry! RP is over!
  13. I know everyone hates this question, but... Favorite color? *turns fist into a pistol* don't you dare attack me!!!
  14. Pick a shape:
  15. Okay, did you enjoy the quiz? (doesn't count towards results)
  16. Bye!!! (again it doesn't count towards results)

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