Soul Eater x Reader Part#1

Soul Eater x reader story. So, you, the reader, go to DWMA. You meat all the classic Soul Eater characters. You are a double headed ax weapon. Quiz for girls only.

The romance is decided by you in the end, what your result is, no romance yet though. Only endings for Kid and Crona, I know them best, sorry. This is part#1, THERE WILL BE MORE!!!

Created by: Emily
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  1. You looked up at the DWMA. You had just been accepted, and was pretty much freaking out right now. You were a double ax weapon, and had no meister at the moment. You brushed a strand of your (h/l) (h/c) hair out of your eyes, and brushed invisible dirt off your long (f/c) skirt and (other f/c) shirt. You started up the steps of DWMA. You thought:
  2. Once inside the school, you realized how big it was. How would you ever get anywhere in this place? You walked up and tapped the shoulder of a nearby boy. He turned and looked at you. He had black hair with three white strips on the right side. He wore a black suit, and his eyes were golden. He looked at your (e/c) eyes for a second, then crushed you and blew out all the air in your lungs in a spine breaking hug. "YOU'RE SO SYMMETRIC!!! YOUR BREASTS ARE THE EXACT SAME SIZE!!! YOUR (freckles/other face mark) ARE SYMMETRICAL TOO!!! YOU'RE SUCH A BEAUTY!!!" A brown haired girl punched the boy hard and he flew off of you. A blonde haired girl giggled and pranced over to where the boy had fallen.
  3. Sorry about that," the brown haired girl said, "Kid is OCD for symmetry." You replied:
  4. The brown haired girl chuckled. She smiled, "I'm Liz, and that's my sister Patty, and Kid is out miester." You smiled and replied:
  5. "Anyways," you continued, "I'm looking for Stien's class. Could you direct me there please?" "Sure," Liz said, and she led you away, Kid and Patty following. You entered Stien's class, and saw a pink haired lonely boy sitting all the way in the back. You thought:
  6. You sat by the boy, and asked
  7. The boy gave a jolt and bolted away from you. You said/did/thought:
  8. He sat down again and stared cautiously at you. "I'm _______," you said, "Who are you?" "C-Crona..." he mumbled, mostly to himself. You replied:
  9. Crona glanced at you, and you:
  10. You turned you attention back to class. It was about to start, and you were debating where to sit.

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