Would the Soul Eater Characters Like You?

If you have seen the anime Soul Eater, I'm pretty sure you have wondered at least once what the characters would think of you if they were real. Find out the truth with this quiz!

Would you be one of their best friends? Maybe have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Just be a friend? Or would they actually NOT like you?! Find out now with this quiz!

Created by: SkyeWolf
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  1. Hello! I'm Skye, and I'll be hosting this quiz. Be sure to check out my other quiz, "What Soul Eater Character Are You?"
  2. Okay, so I'm going to have everyone ask you a question. Are you okay with that?
  3. First up is... Soul! Soul, ask a question. Soul: Do you think I'm cool? Me: Typical Soul...
  4. Alright! Next up is Maka! Maka, ask a question. Maka: Do you know how to play basketball?
  5. And now, we have... Excalibur? EXCALIBUR GET OUT OF HERE YOU UGLY LITTLE RAT!!!! Excalibur: But my legend dates back to the twe- Me: *kicks him to who-knows-where* Sorry about him...
  6. Ok... Since this is question eight, Kid, it's your turn! Kid: OH THE PERFECT SYMMETRY!!! Me: Um, Kid... Ask a question. Kid: Do you like symmetry?
  7. Now for Black Star! Black Star: Who's the best one? Me, Soul, or Kid?! Me: .... I'm not even going to bother saying my answer....
  8. Next up is Liz! Liz, ask a question. Liz: Do you like to shop? Me: Oh man... This one is important!!! :0
  9. Tsubaki, your turn! Tsubaki: Do you have any bad habits?
  10. Patti! Time for your question! Patti: What's your favorite animal?
  11. And to finish us out, let's have Crona ask his question! Crona, go ahead! :3 Crona: Would you protect me f-from Ragnarok if he bullied m-me?
  12. Thanks for taking my quiz! Bye! (doesn't affect result)

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