Who is your Soul Eater Boyfriend?

Soul Eater is home to some of the most unique, interesting, and strangely attractive guys in anime. There is the cool guy, Soul, the egotistical boy Black Star, the obsessive one, Kid, the shy and quiet Crona, and the crazed Professor Stein.

Which guy is for YOU? Could you be lucky enough to get Kid? Soul? Perhaps Crona? Or maybe Black Star? Or could you even be unique enough to capture Stein's heart?

Created by: SkyeWolf
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  1. Hi there! I'm Skye, and I'll be hosting this quiz. Are you ready?
  2. So, the boys are going to be asking you some questions. Sorry if your favorite isn't a result! :(
  3. First up, Soul! Soul, ask our wonderful quiz taker a question! Soul: Who is the coolest guy in the show?
  4. Black Star, go! Black Star: Who is the HOTTEST guy on the show? Me: Oh... This'll be funny...!
  5. Kid, you're up! Kid: What do you think of symmetry? Please be honest, no matter if it will offend me or not. Me: It will offend me, too. But please, don't lie just because you want Kid!
  6. Uh.... Since I accidentally had Kid ask a question on question seven, I'm going to allow him to ask another. Kid: IM GARBAGE! ASYMMETRICAL GARBAGE! Me: Kid, ask a question! It's okay, you're not garbage! Kid: *sniff* fine... What do you look for in a guy?
  7. Okay, Crona's turn! Crona: If we were to date, would you make Ragnarok stop being mean to me?
  8. Stein, your turn. Stein: Would you mind if I dissect you? Me: Who're you talking to? Stein:.... Both of you.
  9. Okay, my turn. Do you like waffles?
  10. Ok I'm exhausted.... Can't make it any longer.... It's 11:30 at night and I've stayed up this late for the past month. Bye...! *yawn* Kid: bedtime? Me: Yeah... *walks off* Kid, Soul, Black Star, Stein, and Crona: Bye, quiz taker *walk off after me*

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Quiz topic: Who is my Soul Eater Boyfriend?