which soul eater character is most like you?

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This is my first quiz and thank you for at least reading this far!I put a lot of time into this so here's some things about it, which soul eater character are you most like, soul, Maka, tsubaki, Crona, black☆star,one of the Thompson sisters or Stein?

Are you daring, girly, protective or have a taste for souls? Answer these questions to see which soul eater character your personality relate to??????

Created by: kiki
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  1. You walk into school and notice a poor kid getting pushed around by some bullies! You:
  2. A cute boy asks you out but then the next day another cute boy asks you out! You:
  3. Do you wear headbands?
  4. You find a priceless price of jewelry on the ground. You:
  5. Which music do you like best?
  6. Oh my God! That girl/boy is on fire but what about my partner?
  7. Wow a sale at the mall?! Wait but it's mine and my boy/girl friends anniversary...
  8. Oh no that meant more to them then anything and I just broke it!
  9. Truth or dare?
  10. Meister or weapon?

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