What Soul Eater character are you?

Okay. Hello everyone of the interwebs! This is my first quiz and the title says it all! I recently finished Soul Eater and it was AWESOME so I was like, "hey, why not make a quiz?" So here it is. Enjoy! SYMMETRY! Peace out!

Are you a huge Soul Eater fan??????????????? Well then, if that's a yes, take this quiz to determine the ultimate question....which of the main Soul Eater characters are YOU????????

Created by: Jacklyne

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  1. Hai my name is Jacklyne! Are you ready to take this quiz?!
  2. Okay then, what's your favorite color? (Hides behind Lord Death to avoid getting Maka Chopped)
  3. Okay, now that we got past that, I guess we could go with...Weapon or Meister?
  4. What is your favorite thing to do?
  5. Okay time for a little role play!
  6. Okay, so you are walking around Death City with your weapon/ meister partner and you see someone robbing somebody...what do you do???
  7. Alrighty! So...hmmm...I need help with this one...oh yeah! Lord Death! Your turn! Lord Death: Hey Hiya Heya! What's your favorite number hmm?
  8. Okay! What is the closest to what you like to wear?
  9. Almost time to go! Did you enjoy this quiz!
  10. Bye! Let fate decide!

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Quiz topic: What Soul Eater character am I?