What Is Your Soul (is It Beautiful)

There is a source of energy that exists within an organism (person) giving it/them life the absence of this energy causes death. This life giving energy is referred to as a soul or spirit. It is suggested that a body can continue to exist with the use of technology but in the absence of a soul it cannot be alive. A soul is believed to exist as a shroud of pure conscious energy that is beyond physical containment or measurement. It is perceived to exist within a sphere that is beyond the purview of scientific knowledge. The concept of a soul suggests that it cannot experience physical sensations or have direct interactions with elements within a physical realm.

Everyone's soul is like a flower... Some don't look beautiful but yet they smell like heaven... Other flowers are the most beautiful in the world and yet there poison to the beholder.

Created by: Ayla
  1. Do you care for others, are you always kind to them?
  2. Do u care for every one good or bad?
  3. Do you love life?
  4. Would you save a life if you had the opportunity?
  5. Do you think of what others may feel emotionally from your actions?
  6. Do you think your soul is beautiful?
  7. Do you love nature?
  8. What colour do u describe your soul?
  9. Do you love animals?
  10. Are you happy with who you are?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Soul (is It Beautiful)