Your soul values

Find the source of your happiness. Find your own true self. It is important to answer each question as truthfully as you can. Try to maintain a sense of who you are today and not what you were in the past or wish to be in the future. You will have accurate results that will help you find your purpose and perhaps your path in life.

There are four main categories. If you are one of the rare enlightened ones, you will receive the magnificance of the Guru in one extreme and a lost soul in another which by the way is intended to help you find yourself.

Created by: basil
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  1. How often do you look up at the night sky?
  2. Do you recognize the objects in the sky either through an app on your phone or knowledge?
  3. What do you feel when you witness a video of someone killing an animal, a human being or cutting a tree.
  4. Do you prefer somethings to stay the same, permanent?
  5. How often do others blame you for their problems that you clearly have nothing to do with them.
  6. One bird in hand is better than a thousand on trees.
  7. Would you compromise your happiness for the success of a relationship?
  8. We can have a baby if we can afford it, we are with the right partner and will raise it the right way.
  9. Music for the soul!
  10. Art paintings, sculptors etc... is not necessary to our survival.
  11. Sex!
  12. Abortion is
  13. Weapons and war...
  14. On the Titanic and it is about to sink, would you...
  15. Would you give up using money as means of exchange if it was possible?
  16. What is energy?
  17. The oldest profession...
  18. does age difference matters between couples?
  19. same sex marriage...
  20. Political correctness, social values and traditions...

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