Gymnastics skill test!

The Ann Arbor YMCA welcomes you to our new gymnastics program. Many of you can be wondering what is the best class that best fits your gymnast, this quiz created by the Ann Arbor Gymnastics coordinator will help you find the perfect fit!

Please answer all the question from the quiz and you will get the results at the end of the quiz. Questions should be answered as accurate as possible to archive the best results.

Created by: Brooklyn Sparks of Ann Arbor YMCA Gymnastics
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  1. Can you do a forward foll?
  2. can you do a backward roll?
  3. Can you do a cartwheel?
  4. Can you do a one arm cartwheel?
  5. Can you do a round off?
  6. Can you do a bridge kick over/ back walk over?
  7. Can you do a backhand spring?
  8. Can you do a standing or running back salto ?
  9. BARS, Have you ever been on gymnastics bars before?
  10. Can you hold onto the bar by yourself?
  11. Can you do a pull over by yourself?
  12. Can you do a back hip circle on bars?
  13. Can you do a squat on to the high bar?
  14. Can you do a kip?
  15. BEAM, Have you ever walked on a high beam?
  16. Can you do a turn on beam ?
  17. Can you do a jump a beam ?
  18. Can you do a handstand on beam ?
  19. Can you do a cartwheel on beam ?
  20. Can you do a jump off the end of beam ?
  21. Can you do a round off dismount off the end of the beam ?
  22. Can you do a salto dismount off the end of beam ?
  23. VAULT, Have you ever done vault before?
  24. can you do a squat on vault?
  25. Can you do a handstand fall flat vault?
  26. Can you do a round on vault?
  27. Can you do a front- hand spring vault ?
  28. How long have you been doing gymnastics for?
  29. Can you do a front walk over

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