What would your favourite UPC subject be?

The UPC Course provides an alternative entry pathway to university. It prepares you for university level studies by teaching the required skills for academic success with an emphasis on the student becoming an independent learner.

Would you enjoy Accessing knowledge, Research and Writing Processes, Learning at University, Combined Sciences or Numeracy skills best? Take this quiz to find out which your favourite subject would be if you were to enrol in the University Preparation Course at ECU.

Created by: Nicole Campbell of ECU University Preparation Course
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  1. Do you enjoy working as part of a group?
  2. Do you know what you want to do as a career after you have completed the UPC course?
  3. Would you enjoy learning about techniques that would help you to become a better student and a more independent learner?
  4. Do you enjoy reflecting on experiences to work out what you could have done differently and how you will improve next time?
  5. Do you enjoy finding grammar, spelling and punctuation errors in texts?
  6. Do you enjoy reading texts, analysing them and writing about them?
  7. Do you enjoy researching from a wide range of sources?
  8. Do you know much about referencing sources?
  9. Are you good with numbers?
  10. Do you enjoy problem solving?
  11. Are you a logical thinker?
  12. Are you good with computers?
  13. Do you enjoy working with technology?
  14. Are you interested in learning more about how to prepare for and present assessments in the correct ways?
  15. Do you enjoy experimenting in a more hands on way in order to find information and draw conclusions?
  16. Do you enjoy science?
  17. Would you prefer an interactive classroom (students contributing to discussions, hands on work etc) or a passive learning environment (listening to information, reading information, observing a learning process etc)?

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Quiz topic: What would my favourite UPC subject be?