Colonial America Facts: Do You Know 'Em All?

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Created by: Bellerina
  1. What was the first colony?
  2. Who signed the Declaration Of Independence first?
  3. Who was the Hudson River named after?
  4. Who's ride, known as the "Midnight Ride", became famous?
  5. When the "Indians" threw the British tea overboard, what was the name of the act they did?
  6. Beside's being a messenger, what other thing did Paul Revere do?
  7. Did George Washington have false teeth?
  8. What are the first 3 wordds on the Declaration Of Independence?
  9. What was the name of the king of England?
  10. What is the name of James Madison's wife?
  11. Who was the first president?
  12. Who now appears on a North American penny?
  13. What was Abraham Lincoln's nickname?

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Quiz topic: Colonial America Facts: do I Know 'Em All?