World Capitals Trivia Quiz

This test was inspired by a game I played with a friend, and boredom. I'm curious to see how many people know the capitals of the world. There are so many people (in America particularly) that never bother to care about anything outside of their country...hell, outside of their state. I had to look up some of the random facts for this test, but I already knew the capitals. Now its time to find out if you do.

This is pretty straight forward. This test includes state, provincial, and national capitals. Some of the questions provide clues to the answer, but for the most part they're just random facts. Good luck, and NO CHEATING!

Created by: amazon
  1. Let's start with a real easy one. What is the capital of the United States?
  2. Ontario, Canada contains not only its provincial capital, but the national as well. What are they?
  3. Sudan has been in the news a lot lately. Have you paid enough attention to catch its capital?
  4. As of 2006, Brazil holds claim to being the largest producer and exporter of coffee in the world. What is the country's capital?
  5. In Germany, what is the capital of the state of Bavaria?
  6. You can't go back to Constantinople. Now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople, been a long time gone....sorry. What is the capital of Turkey?
  7. You should know this one by now. What is the capital of Afghanistan?
  8. Lancaster County in the state of Pennsylvania is known for its high Amish population. Isn't that nice. Now tell me the capital of Pennsylvania.
  9. This capital of Mexico claims the largest metropolitan area in the western hemisphere and the second largest in the world.
  10. This capital is not the largest city in Scotland, but it does have the strongest economy in the UK, outside of London.
  11. This Icelandic city is the northern most national capital in the world.
  12. The area around this city has been inhabited since 3000 BC. It has been the capital of Vietnam for 1000 years.
  13. This capital of Uzbekistan has the only metro transit system in Central Asia, and has the largest city square in the former Soviet Union that once held the tallest statue of Lenin.
  14. I suppose you can say this capital of New Zealand is the closest you'll ever get to Hobbiton. Thank Hollywood.
  15. This capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics, when it was still apart of Yugoslavia.
  16. This Russian home of the Kremlin is the most populated city in Europe, and the most expensive city to live in the world.
  17. This capital of Indonesia is on the island of Java, and boasts the 4th largest urban population in the world.
  18. Ohio has the highest concentration of people in the US, not counting the states along the Atlantic. There are a fair number of major cities in this state, which is the capital?
  19. This capital of China literally translates to "northern capital."
  20. This capital city of Northern Ireland saw most of "The Troubles" - the bloody conflict between Roman Catholics and Protestants.

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