Which language should you try learning?

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There are over 6,900 languages spoken worldwide, who would spend their whole life knowing only one? You may have sat puzzled in the back of your high school French class or perhaps changed the channel immediately when you realised the show you wanted to watch was subtitled, perhaps you haven't found the language for you just yet.

But how exactly do you discover which language is for you? I'm no expert, but I have created this short quiz designed to help you discover this and hopefully be on your way to learning a whole new language! Side note: this quiz is designed for native English speakers, you can still give it a try if you aren't one, it may just be a little less accurate in your case.

Created by: atlasmoth

  1. Firstly, what is the most important thing about a language to you?
  2. What language is the following phrase written in?: "Buona serata!"
  3. And again for this phrase?: 生日快樂!
  4. Can you translate this Russian word to English (without the help of a dictionary/translation webstite): Токио
  5. Which alphabet is most appealing to you aesthetically?
  6. How difficult do you want this language to be to learn?
  7. Do you wish to use this language in order to travel the world?
  8. The Japanese phrase "コンピュータゲーム" or "Konpyūtagēmu" means what in English?
  9. Lunes Martes Miércoles Jueves Viernes... what is being listed here?
  10. Finally, how would you like the language to sound?

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Quiz topic: Which language should I try learning?