Anchorman ( THe Lengend of Ron Burgendy)

Have a go of the quiz it wont hurt you or will it i dont think it will Bold as brass Mr Crosby was a lawyer and politician, a supporter of John Wilkes, who became Lord Mayor of London in 1770. He had a famous run-in with Parliament, which regarded publication of reports of their debates to ... [Read the whole piece] Halcyon The fabled halcyon days of calm weather are traditionally the seven days each side of the winter solstice on 21 December. The story goes back to a Greek legend that the kingfisher nested in the sea at the time of ... [Read the whole piece] Shoot one's cuffs It's a phrase that's relatively easy to find in dictionaries and books on idioms. All will tell you the obvious, that to shoot your cuffs is to pull or jerk your shirt cuffs out so that they project beyond the cuffs of ... [Read the whole piece] Throw a tub to a whale The standard story of its origin is recorded in William Pulleyn's Etymological Companion of 1853: "The Greenland vessels, and indeed the South Sea vessels, are sometimes (especially after stormy ... [Read the whole piece] Wait Once upon a time, a wait was a watchman, a word derived from an Old Northern French word that's related to modern German wachten, to be awake (watch, wait and wake are all linked etymologically). Early senses of the ... [Read the whole piece] If you subscribed to the newsletter (by e-mail or RSS), you would be able to read every new piece a week earlier. Other features include comments from subscribers and notes on words in the news. The last year's newsletters are available to sample in our backissue archive

i would give the test out of how much it would be hard a 7/10 Depending on the language, words can be difficult to identify or decipher. Dictionaries take upon themselves the task of categorizing a language's lexicon into lemmas. These can be taken as an indication of what constitutes a "word" in the opinion of the authors. [edit] Word boundaries In spoken language, the distinction of individual words is usually given by rhythm or accent, but short words are often run together. See clitic for phonologically dependent words. Spoken French has some of the features of a polysynthetic language: il y est allé ("He went there") is pronounced /i.ljÉ›.ta.le/. Since the majority of the world's languages are not written, the scientific determination of word boundaries becomes important. There are five ways to determine where the word boundaries of spoken language should be placed: Potential pause A speaker is told to repeat a given sentence slowly, allowing for pauses. The speaker will tend to insert pauses at the word boundaries. However, this method is not foolproof: the speaker could easily break up polysyllabic words. Indivisibility A speaker is told to say a sentence out loud, and then is told to say the sentence again with extra words added to it. Thus, I have lived in this village for ten years might become I and my family have lived in this little village for about ten or so years. These extra words will tend to be added in the word boundaries of the original sentence. However, some languages have infixes, which are put inside a word. Similarly, some have separable affixes; in the German sentence "Ich komme gut zu Hause an," the verb ankommen is separated. Minimal free forms This concept was proposed by Leonard Bloomfield in 1926. Words are thought of as the smallest meaningful unit of speech that can stand by themselves.[1] This correlates phonemes (units of sound) to lexemes (units of meaning). However, some written words are not minimal free forms, as they make no sense by themselves (for example, the and of).[2] Phonetic boundaries Some languages have particular rules of pronunciation that make it easy to spot where a word boundary should be. For example, in a language that regularly stresses the last syllable of a word, a word boundary is likely to fall after each stressed syllable. Another example can be seen in a language that has vowel harmony (like Turkish)[3]: the vowels within a given word share the same quality, so a word boundary is likely to occur whenever the vowel quality changes. Nevertheless, not all languages have such convenient phonetic rules, and even those that do present the occasional exceptions. Semantic units Much like the above mentioned minimal free forms, this method breaks down a sentence into its smallest semantic units. However, language often contains words that have little semantic value (and often play a more grammatical role), or semantic units that are compound words. A further criterion. Pragmatics. As Plag suggests, the idea of a lexical item being considered a word should also adjust to pragmatic criteria. The word "hello", for example, does not exist outside of the realm of greetings being difficult to assign a meaning out of it. This is a little more complex if we consider "how do you do?": is it a word, a phrase, or an idiom? In practice, linguists apply a mixture of all these methods to determine the word boundaries of any given sentence. Even with the careful application of these methods, the exact definition of a word is often still very elusive.

Created by: Thomas and Jack
  1. What are the 3 things that Ron names when motorbiker (Jack Black) asks Ron what he loves ?
  2. What is Ron not attending because he is jogging with Veronica ?
  3. Where did Ron say he was after baxter got kicked off a bridge ?
  4. What does Brick say just before Veronica is about to go on air
  5. Who did Veronica date when she was at Alabama ?
  6. What did West Man Tooth ( Vince Vaugn) pull out when he confronted the channel 4 newsteam?
  7. What did public newsteam that other newsteams don't have ?
  8. What does Ron say when he gets in the middle of the fight ?
  9. What does Ron say when he realises what he says Go F**K Yourself San Diego?
  10. What is the name of the Italian Restruant ?
  11. What was Ron Drinking after he got fired ?
  12. What is channel 4 newsteam favourite song ?
  13. What did the sign say when the Public News Anchorman push Veronica off the railing ?
  14. What does Ron say when he 1st meets Veronica ?

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