Are You Good At Foreign Languages?

If you know foreign languages come in and take this test, gal tavo geras ne jiems, ¿Por qué no intentarlo? Aproveito esta quiz, ta dette quiz, 藉此問答

This language test will quiz you on multiple languages. Specifically, it includes Spanish, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Lithuanian, Japanese, Norwegian, Slovak, and Italian--in that order! As you can imagine, this is a very challenging language quiz. So good luck!

Created by: julles

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  1. What does "Usted puede obtener un perfecto en este concurso!" say in English?
  2. What does "pensez-vous de la musique" say in English?
  3. What does "Sie fahren ein Fahrrad zur Schule" say in English?
  4. What does "είναι η περίπλοκη δοκιμή ακόμα" say in English?
  5. What does "Anda tidak tahu bahasa ini" say in English?
  6. What does "taika yra kelias, kuriuo reikia eiti" say in English?
  7. What does "テストする複雑だ" say in English?
  8. What does "Jeg fikk en ny bil" say in English?
  9. What does "Dobrý deň, môj dobrý priateľ" say in English?
  10. What does "Posso portare il mio amico per il tè" say in English?

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Quiz topic: Am I Good At Foreign Languages?