I know this is the first time you hear Indonesian language and actually learn some of it, but, i want you to try to do the quiz so i know how easy indonesian language is for other language speakers.

This is not a hard quiz, it goes over only some basic language that we use in daily life. so, it is a good thing, because when you go to Indonesia (if you ever will), you will need this

Created by: Gabriela Nurida Sitorus
  1. What does hello means in Indonesian?
  2. Lets Count in Indonesian,,,,How do you say 1, 2, 3, and 4 in Indonesian
  3. How do you say " my name is..." in Indonesian?
  4. What does "kamar mandi" means?
  5. How do you say Good Morning in Indonesian?
  6. What is the proper wa to say "how are you?" in Indonesian?
  7. what does "mengapa" means?
  8. What does "permisi" means?
  9. Halo, Nama kamu siapa? ---this sentence transletes to...
  10. Adik lelaki is....(in english)
  11. Kakak Lelaki is,,,,,(in english)
  12. Adik/ kakak perempuan is,,,(in english)
  13. Sepupu means......
  14. Father means......
  15. Mother means
  16. Love means...
  17. " suka " means.....
  18. He/ she means....
  19. What does Boy means?
  20. What does"SAYA" mean?

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