Indonesia for Begineer

Hello, I know this is probably your first time learning about Indonesia, but im pretty sure you can try this quiz just to know how much you understand from the explanation thatt i gave.

so Would you dare to do this??? if you get more than 50% there is some indonesian candies that will be rewarded to you!!!! So, Try and see if you're good or no....

Created by: gabriela Nurida Sitorus

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  1. Indonesia is the second largest archipelagic country in the world.
  2. The Independence date of Indonesia is August 17th 1945.
  3. Indonesian First President was Soeharto
  4. The for mer name of Batavia is Jakarta.
  5. Indonesia was formerly known as Dutch east indies.
  6. First colonized by The Netherlands
  7. The most interesting island for the colonies is called Manado
  8. Indonesia is going to be 62 years old this year
  9. Megawati SoekarnoPutri was the first and only female president in Indonesia
  10. Megawati is the daughter of Soekarno the former president of Indonesia

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