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When you go to Indonesia, you'll know they're speaking Indonesian. Because I'm one too. In Indonesia, grammar is easy and not complicated. If you master Indonesian, you can go to Indonesian beautiful places!

This is the beginner level which is important for you to start with. This Indonesian test consist of some little part of conversation. This quiz consists of 30 questions including 2 main questions. When you're ready, do it.

Created by: Matmail

  1. What is "Hello" in Indonesian?
  2. What is "Good Morning" in Indonesian?
  3. What is "Good Night" in Indonesian?
  4. What is "Good Bye" in Indonesian?
  5. What is "Selamat siang" in English?
  6. What is "Bangun tidur" in English?
  7. What is "Salam kenal" in English?
  8. What is "Nice to meet you" in Indonesian?
  9. What do you reply someone who says "Terima kasih"?
  10. What is "Saya" in English?
  11. What is "They" in Indonesian?
  12. When do you use "Kami" instead of "Kita"?
  13. What is "We" in Indonesian?
  14. What is "Congratulations" in Indonesian?
  15. What do you reply someone who says "Siapa kamu?"?
  16. What is "How many" in Indonesian?
  17. When do we use "Berapa"?
  18. What is "Apa" in English?
  19. What do you use to ask when something begins?
  20. When someone asks "Di mana rumahmu?", the possible answer is?
  21. What is "Mengapa" in English?
  22. What is "Bagaimana" in English?
  23. When someone asks "Berapa harganya?", the possible answer is?
  24. What is "Permisi" in English?
  25. What is "Sorry" in Indonesian?
  26. Which statement is correct?
  27. Which of the following statement is correct?
  28. Which of the following statement is correct?

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