How Indonesian Am I?

So this quiz tells you how Indonesian you are. Sure your parents could be Indonesian but that doesn’t exactly mean that you are. You might wanna take this quiz and find out.

If you actually are Indonesian then maybe you wanna find out how whitewashed you’ve become. If you’re white then maybe you can find out how ethnic your are.

Created by: Reuben Delano P

  1. Are you actually from Indonesia?
  2. How well do you speak Indonesian?
  3. How many of the following have you ever had? Nasi Goreng, Nasi Kuning, Sate, Mie Bakso, Martabak
  4. How often do you eat Indomie?
  5. Do you wear shoes indoors?
  6. Do you know what “pulang kampung” means
  7. Do you keep up with the World Cup?
  8. How often do you eat rice?
  9. How religious is your family?
  10. You want to become a
  11. Can you handle eating a lot of spice?

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