MCCS Indonesian Quiz

If you have been part of Miss Dodd's Indonesian classes you should have picked up some Indonesian vocabulary. Can you recall it? How many words do you know? Test yourself here.

How well have you been listening in Miss Dodd's Indonesian class? Do you have a good memory? Have you been doing extra practice. Take this test to find out how much you know.

Created by: Miss Dodd

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  1. Can you count?
  2. Count some more.
  3. Apa kabar?
  4. Siapa nama kamu?
  5. Berapa umur anda?
  6. How would I say brother in Indonesian?
  7. How would I say sister in Indonesian?
  8. Saya suka menonton televisi
  9. Counting, counting, keep on counting.
  10. Can you count past twenty?
  11. red
  12. Blue
  13. green
  14. black
  15. kuning
  16. grey
  17. coklat
  18. kepala
  19. foot
  20. rambut
  21. mulut
  22. mata
  23. tidak
  24. makanan
  25. berbelanja
  26. bermalas malas

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