How good at German are you?

Are you sick and tired of other so-called "German" quizzes that don't test all the areas of the language and include only one area, i.e, "what does this mean in German"?

Well, all quizzes don't have to be that way. This quiz determines your skill with 3 different areas of German, translation to German, translation to English, and also, spot the mistake. It tests your skill to the full extent, and gives accurate results. I'm not actually German, but it is accurate because I am currently learning the language. Thank you, and enjoy.

Created by: Chloe12
  1. Level 1-- what does this mean? Hallo!
  2. Level 2--what does this mean? Ich heiíŸe
  3. Level 3-- what does this mean? Ich bin zwí¶lf jahre alt
  4. Level 4-- what is this in German? I wear school uniform
  5. Level 5-- what is this in German? Hausaufgaben ist lieb
  6. Level 6-- what is this in German? I have eighteen chickens
  7. Level 7-- Spot the mistake Ich habe Blonde Harre und Blaue Augen
  8. Level 8-- spot the mistake Ich komm aus Amerika
  9. Level 9-- spot the mistake Ich trage eine Pullover, weil es ist sehr Windig!
  10. BONUS-- What is the German flag colours? (Top to bottom) (in German)

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Quiz topic: How good at German am I?