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  • I think this quiz was produced by a school pupil who is still learning german, so well done for a fun quiz!

    But there are a few grammatical errors - the most important one being in question 9 - the word 'ist' must go to the end of the sentence because it has 'weil' in it. Also the Germans always talk about their flag as 'schwarz, rot, gold' and not 'gelb'.

  • The quiz is quite fun, but I still advise you to correct the mistakes. If you are really only eleven years old, then you have my full respect. German is not an easy language to learn, so I'm happy that it is my mother tongue.

  • "I'm not actually German, but it is accurate because I am currently learning the language."

    What an arrogant and odd statement, especially when it's NOT accurate as the other comments correctly point out!

  • Spotter alert.....amateurs. ..Q5 ..Hausaufgagen is plural so the Verb should be sind and not ist, and lieb is the wrong noun.Q8 correct is komme and not Komme, Q9 correct is Ich trage einen Pullover weil es windig IST and not es ist winding, and Q10 correct is Black, Red and GOLD not yellow, Gold....spotter gone.

  • There are a few grammar mistakes in this quiz and the 2nd last question the structure of the sentence is not quite right.

    Just wanted to let you know

  • I'm sorry, I am a school pupil as one of the comments said. I am younger than you would expect, and I apologize for the errors that are in this quiz. I am 11.

  • How can this rate anybody when the compiler has got it wrong in some instances.

  • And by the way, this quiz is #29 on the front page, so it must be good, IDIOTS!

  • Wooh 60%
    Only had about a year in German! Wooh XD


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