Italian Practice Quiz (Intermediate)

This is a practice quiz. It is an intermediate level. Not recommended for beginners. If you think you are ready, take the quiz and try your best.

Let's see how well you know some Italian phrases. Will you be able to score highly? If you find this too difficult, you may be better suited for a beginner-level quiz.

Created by: hi

  1. Come state oggi?
  2. C'è una mela sulla scrivania.
  3. Is this correct? Perchè stai contento?
  4. Dove sta la tua casa?
  5. Perché non stai contento oggi?
  6. Non voglio mangiare la tua cena. Non mi piace.
  7. How deep is the lake?
  8. Why do you arrive late?
  9. Respond: How much dogs do you have?
  10. I need to go to the station.

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