Chapter 2 Biology 102 Practice Quiz

This is a practice quiz for those who are studying biology. Specifically this quiz focuses on the structure and function of the eyes and ears.

If you are studying biology and want to practice, use this quiz to see how much more studying you need to do. Again, the specific topics here are the eyes and ears.

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  1. Specialized cells or neurons that are tuned to the conditions of the external world and the internal organs.
  2. Changes in the flow of ions create a graded change in cell membrane potential of the receptor cell
  3. The tendency of some sensory receptors to become less sensitive when they are stimulated repeatedly.
  4. Is a long, coiled tube.
  5. Located within the middle canal and consists of an array of hair cells embedded in a basilar membrane.
  6. The swelling base of each canal contains a cluster of hair cells with their hairs projecting into a gelatinous mass.
  7. Lines the inner surface of the eyelids and folds back over the white of the eye (but not the cornea).
  8. Is the ability of the eyes to distinguish fine detail.
  9. Can absorb dim light, and detect shades of gray in dim light.
  10. Can absorb bright colored light, and allow us to see color in bright light.
  11. Are sensory neurons that line the upper portion of the nasal cavity and send impulses along their axons directly to the olfactory bulb of the brain.
  12. What is the function of the Eustachian tube?
  13. Deafness can be caused by the inability of the ear to conduct sounds, resulting from the middle-ear bones.
  14. Which structure detects the rotation of the head in any direction?
  15. Which structure detects the position of the head with respect to gravity?
  16. Deafness can also be result from damage to sensory receptors or neurons
  17. What causes motion sickness?
  18. Pupil is the small opening at the center of the eye?
  19. Changed the diameter of the pupil to let in more or less light.
  20. The ----- focuses light onto the ----
  21. How does the eye vary its focus?
  22. Which shape (flat or thick and round?) would the lens have to focus on distant (or near) near objects?
  23. Is the inability to focus on distant objects, usually caused by an eyeball that is too long.
  24. Is the inability to focus on close objects, usually caused by an eyeball that is too short.
  25. Is blurred vision caused by misshapen lens or cornea.
  26. Contain the visual pigment rhodopsin, which can absorb dim light, and can detect shades of gray in dim light
  27. Contain the visual pigment photospin, which absorbs bright colored light and allow us to see color in bright light.
  28. Color blindness results from a deficiency in one or more types of cones.
  29. Which of the correctly traces the path of light into your eyes?
  30. Which of the following are not present in the human skin?
  31. Jim had his eyes tested and found that he has 20/40 vision. This means that??

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