What Kind Of Biology Nerd Are You?

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Biology can be a tricky subject, but if you know what you're doing and have paid attention, it can be a complete breeze. Go ahead and give it a quick try!

At the end of this quiz, you'll receive your nerd rating, which lets you know how much you know your biology facts. Come on and start, it'll be awesome. Good luck!

Created by: Darius and Calamity

  1. What is the substitute base substance for mRNA instead of tRNA?
  2. What ability does mRNA possess that tRNA doesn't?
  3. True or false? The process of forming a protein is ... mRNA enters the ribosome where the AGCU codon is read, tRNA matches the anticodon to the mRNA codon, with amino acids attached to the other side of the tRNA, as the ribosome reads the mRNA, tRNA molecules keep delivering amino acids, amino acids link together to form a molecular chain called a protein.
  4. What is a ribosome?
  5. What is a codon?
  6. What is the difference between a codon and an anticodon?
  7. What are proteins used for?
  8. What are nuclear pores?
  9. What do tRNA and mRNA stand for?
  10. Which of the following are a true difference between mRNA and tRNA?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Biology Nerd am I?