How Good Of A Rider Are You?

Welcome! Please forgive me for any mistakes, I have not ever done this type of quiz and am only an intermediate rider. Thank you for your patience with me.

Anyways, this test is supposed to somewhat accurately tell your level of rider. Beginner, intermediate, and pro (full on equestrian). Thank you for choosing this quiz!

Created by: Horse Lover
  1. How do you mount a horse?
  2. What is a bridle?
  3. What do you do before you mount?
  4. What are the four natural gaits?
  5. What are the beats of each gait?
  6. I don't feel like doing more questions but it's required.
  7. What is the horse most commonly used for long distance races?
  8. Which horse of the following can succeed in almost every discipline?
  9. I'm lost on questions.
  10. Which horse of the following is known for a high set tail, curved ears, and a bulge between the eyes?

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Quiz topic: How Good Of A Rider am I?