Latin Comps Quiz :(:(:(:(

This is to study for my Latin comps, want to try it? Well you are about to, so shoutout to Naomi who might take this because I am going to text her and I also have to say : ).

This quiz is mainly vocabulary, and I really don't like Latin so yeah I just really want to play poptropica right now. So take this Latin quiz if you really want to and find out if you are prepared for Latin tests in school.

Created by: Tesla Mitchell

  1. Translate the following into English servus, servi.
  2. Silva silvae.
  3. Patria patriae.
  4. Ante and what case.
  5. Prope and case.
  6. Cubiculum
  7. Tablinum
  8. Triclinium
  9. Paro parare.
  10. Absum abesse.
  11. Ludus, ludi.
  12. Canto cantare?
  13. Mos moris
  14. Onus
  15. Venio
  16. What gender is animal, onus, flumen donum, bellum, verbum, & caelum?
  17. What gender is mons, mos, pons, senex, & iuvenis?
  18. What gender is mors, pars, nox, & vox?

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