What single word describes you?

This is just a fun quiz where you answer some questions and see which word you get. :) I hope you enjoy my quiz. If not you can re- take it to get a different result.

If you answer honestly you will get the most accurate result. I chose ten different words for the results so there are a lot of different options to get. Have fun.

Created by: annafrozen12
  1. The moon or the sun?
  2. The night or the day?
  3. Blue or red?
  4. Reading or writing?
  5. City or countryside?
  6. Oceans or forests?
  7. Rainy afternoon or bright sunny morning?
  8. Become famous or become rich?
  9. Be honest to a friend, or tell a small lie to not hurt their feelings?
  10. Chocolate or vanilla?
  11. Super strength or invisibility?
  12. Be onstage or in the audience?
  13. Sunset or sunrise?
  14. Travel the world or visit the moon?
  15. Fantasy or reality?
  16. Summer, winter, spring, or fall?
  17. Riding into battle on a horse or staying behind to defend the castle?
  18. Achieving your dreams or having enough money to not have to work?
  19. Vacation away or stay at home?
  20. Truth or dare?
  21. Adventurous or cautious?
  22. Singing or dancing?
  23. Dogs or cats?
  24. Art or science?
  25. Zoo or aquarium?
  26. A job you really love or one that pays you a lot more money?
  27. Be able to fly or read minds?
  28. Last question, would you rather win the lottery or live over a hundred years old?

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Quiz topic: What single word describes me?