what is ONE word that describes YOU?

ONE word that describes you? I've aalways wanted to know that.So i dont know what else to say so peeeeaaaaseeee take my quiz?

Want to know ONE word that describes you? take this quiz and find out i out a lot of work into it so the results shoud be accurate! C: thank you so much!

Created by: HarshmaBoo
  1. What do you spend most of your time doing??
  2. I enjoy:
  3. My Future career (out of these) would most likely be???
  4. (sorry...) faveorite color??
  5. Which quote describes you best?
  6. Which is first?
  7. Which song lyrics appeal to you the most?
  8. You see your best friend getting bullied you:
  9. BE HONEST: are you EVER mean or let your anger slip on someone?
  10. My Musc style is:
  11. I love you :3

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Quiz topic: What is ONE word that describes me?