Why are you still single?

This quiz is not for people that just were through a break up. It is for people that have been single for a long time. Or a long enough time to wonder "Why am I still single?"

The results are advice I give you and are not there to offend anyone of any sort. Enjoy my quiz and please comment and rate. So why do you think your still single? Take this to find out.

Created by: Quiztogo
  1. You need to promise me you will answer the complete truth ok? (Im not giving you the option you will say the truth haha)
  2. Do you truthfully think you are pretty.
  3. Have you ever had a boyfriend?
  4. Do you have many friends?
  5. Are your friends made of mostly boys or girls.
  6. Looks, or personallity.
  7. Are you funny.
  8. The first thing that pops in your mind.
  9. Can you wear a bikini?
  10. Rate or comment?

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Quiz topic: Why am I still single?