Are you my perfect match?

There are a lot of single boys out here and if you lookin for a 12 year old girlfriend you're on the right quiz. I usually don't do things for a good cause, but I can't stay single forever.

If you are a single boy do this quiz. If you are a gay boy with nothing to do get a life or f--- yourself! No girls allowed, this is a boy quiz. Enjoy!

Created by: 2cool4life

  1. Do you like Justin Bieber?
  2. How would you describe our first date?
  3. What is your favorite sport?
  4. Are you romantic?
  5. What personality do have?
  6. Do you live somewhere in Illinois?
  7. Have you ever been in a relationship?
  8. Do you like Bon Jovi?
  9. If we we're all alone on the "Tower of love" what would you do?
  10. You are.....
  11. Do you want my number?

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Quiz topic: Am I my perfect match?