Would I date You (not for real)

So your annoyed at not being able to get girls. Then take this quiz to see if you would match with me then you might feel alot better knowing there is a girl who would be dying to go ou with you.

By the way this is not for real it is just to see who would actually be perfect for me. please rate and comment. I hope you match with me and have fun taking my quiz.

Created by: Uh...Me Duh

  1. What colour hair do you have?
  2. What colour eyes do you have?
  3. What bands or singers do you like?
  4. What colours do you like?
  5. What genre do you hate the most?
  6. What film types do you like?
  7. How would you describe yourself ?
  8. Choose a sign
  9. What is your average grade
  10. If you were a girl what make up would you wear to a party ?
  11. Fave subjects
  12. Fave word that i have listed
  13. Fave season
  14. Which dress ( if you were girl ) ( and if you had to chose)
  15. High school stereotype
  16. If we were going to the movies for a date what would you wear?
  17. if we were going to a posh resturant what would you wear?
  18. if we were going to the park what would you wear
  19. What sort of girl are you looking for
  20. Last question Did you like this quiz (does effect score so think about it)

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