Where do investor & entrepreneurs share ideas?

Very few people who take their news seriously and use it as a day-to-day tool believe everything they read. At least, they wonder if there is anything else behind the story.

The Marketspeak Blog offers everyone a chance to think about business news, and not only keep up to date with major business events but hear what others have to say - how the news affects them in real time. Take this brief quiz to see if Marketspeak is for you.

Created by: Andrew Zielinski

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where do you go for market insight?
  2. Are you an entrepreneur or wish you were?
  3. Do you seek information on new ventures and small business management?
  4. Are you looking for an interactive site that provides news and an opportunity to react and see the reaction of others?
  5. Would you like to get a sense of what people are thinking, immediately, about the latest news item?
  6. Which medium do you primarily use for up to date news?
  7. Referring to the answer of your previous question, why do you prefer this medium as a source of up-to-date information
  8. I can contribute some thoughts about what is going on
  9. I feel that news reports spin facts into sensational stories just to increase readership
  10. I would enjoy the opportunity to add my own color to a story

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