Who you vote for?

It's time for a change. I propose a new party for France, the Union pour la France, the UPF. What is the UPF? We can be considered center-right, while we share some ideas with the left.

Do you support the UPF? Take this quiz to find out if you really do support the actions proposed by the UPF. The quiz has 14 short and easy questions that will give you a rough idea of whether you are UPF- or not.

Created by: gael
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  1. Immigration should be controlled
  2. France needs a new constitution (6th Republic)
  3. Health and education spending should be increased
  4. The Kyoto Protocol needs to be followed
  5. The internet should be monitored by the government to check for illegal content
  6. Graphic p---ography should be banned
  7. Talk radio shows should be regulated to ensure both sides of a debate are represented, because talk radio has an unhealthy impact on the political process.
  8. The government can monitor personal phone conversations, emails, bank accounts, or websites to track terrorists
  9. The government should introduce new environmental protection laws
  10. Taxes should be cut for everybody
  11. The 35 hour work week should be abolished
  12. France should get out of the European Union and NATO

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