How Albion are you

There are many towns in this world but few like Albion, Michigan. If you are from Albion embrace it, love it, and share it. You are different and share a whole different outlook on life and people.

Are you truly from Albion? Do you have the creditials to prove it? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just few minutes you'll find out just how Albion you are!

Created by: Sam Tijerina

  1. You can name every project facility.
  2. You've hung out at one of the projects
  3. you've associated or know someone dealing in illegal activities.
  4. Remember eating a sub or pizza from Gina's Pizza
  5. Have been to a party at the Knights, Conservation club, or the old Motorcycle club
  6. either played or been to Westward on Sunday in the summer
  7. Know Tilman Cornelius and heard him call someone sorry.
  8. Use the Snack Shop for all your Alcohol needs
  9. Believe that Frosty Dans has the best Blue Raspberry slush.
  10. own a pair of Air Force ones for the summer and a pair of Timberlands for the winter
  11. Hate Marshall with a passion.
  12. Refer to Albion as the ALB.
  13. Been to the Sleding Hill at Victory Park.

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