The Archers alter ego quiz

'The Archers', an everyday story of country folk, is the world's longest running Soap Opera. It is broadcast on the BBC's Radio 4 and available online.

Would you turn the village shop into flats? Was Deck the Halls a winter wonderland or exploitation by the toffs? The Archers alter ego quiz is your opportunity to learn which character best represents your outlook on life.

Created by: Nelson_G
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  1. Sid says, "Now then, what can I get you" you say?
  2. With a crash of the register you receive your drinks and?
  3. Having glanced through Freda's menu, you say?
  4. Age catches up with all of us. Are you..
  5. You return home from the Bull. Do you
  6. On the way home you spot the hunt, do you
  7. Someone mentions the village shop, do you
  8. That evening for dinner, do you
  9. Annette has confided in you, do you
  10. Vicky knocks on the door, do you
  11. You visit your spouse in Borcetshire goal, do you
  12. You mention the graffiti on the bus shelter, do you
  13. It's holiday time, do you
  14. The cricket season has started, do you
  15. Pip's new boyfriend Jude; Should David and Ruth
  16. The Vicar tells you of his plans to sleep rough for Lent, do you
  17. The Vicar invites you in for tea. You notice the statue of Shiva, do you
  18. Pick your reading material

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