How Well Do You Know Beauty Broadcast?

Beauty Broadcast is an online source of beauty knowledge. Through YouTube videos, blogs, and a Facebook Fan Page, Emily keeps you up to date on the latest in makeup, hair, skincare, and more!

Are you a Beauty Broadcast super fan? After 200 YouTube videos posted- this celebratory quiz will test your Beauty Broadcast smarts! It will only take a few minutes!

Created by: emilynoel83 of Beauty Broadcast
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  1. What is Emily's favorite brand of eyeliner?
  2. What incident happened during Emily's velcro roller tutorial?
  3. What is Emily's favorite brand of mineral makeup?
  4. What is Emily's husband's name?
  5. What does Emily do for a living?
  6. What is Emily's favorite brand of concealer to use for the under-eye area?
  7. What was Emily's first video makeup review?
  8. What is Emily's favorite high-end brand for eyeshadow?
  9. Does Emily color her hair?
  10. Who has not yet appeared in a Beauty Broadcast video?
  11. What time does Emily wake up for work in the morning?
  12. What makeup brand makes colorful eyeshadow palettes that Emily likes to use?
  13. What bad beauty habit did Emily once have?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Beauty Broadcast?