Mineralogy quiz (super easy)

Earth science is my favorite science, and mineralogy is my favorite branch of Earth Science. So I created this little quiz for you. It's pretty easy, and it's good for review.

In this quiz I will cover mineral identification, special properties of minerals, and some random factoids about minerals. Hope you like my quiz! (Its my first quiz)

Created by: Ginkgo Biloba

  1. You have a mineral with vitreous luster, a hardness of 7, rhombohedral cleavage, and a chemical formula of SiO2. What is it?
  2. You have a mineral with hardness 3 and a white or very light streak. You place a dilute HCl acid solution on its surface, and it effervesces. What is the mineral?
  3. You have a mineral that has adamantine luster. You observe that only diamond is able to cut this mineral. What is it? (I KNOW, SUPER EASY.)
  4. You have a bright yellow mineral. You scratch it and it smells like rotten eggs. What is it?
  5. You have a variety of minerals that come in many colors. You shine a UV light on them and they appear to glow. These minerals are all the same type of mineral. What is it?
  6. What mineral is used to make pastel chalks?
  7. Amethyst is a form of
  8. Striation lines are MOST useful in distinguishing ___ from ____
  9. I give you a mystery mineral and tell you its hematite (iron ore). How can you back up this statement?
  10. I'll finish this quiz with a super duper easy no-brainer: Sand is made mostly of

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