How ugly are you?

Beauty comes in many forms. Inner beauty, outer beauty and all that's inbetween. Someone truly beautiful, will be both these things and more.However being vain, and too self assured can be ugly too...

So how ugly are you? Are you morally just and stunning,or Morally withered and grotesque? Take the quiz and find out! Ps: PLease don't take this quiz too seriously...after all it is only an internet quiz, and what do I know?!

Created by: Loula
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you wear makeup daily?
  2. Do you shower/bath daily?
  3. Are you fashinon concious?
  4. Do you own more than two hair products (eg: more than shampoo and conditioner)
  5. Do you own a perfume that you wear daily?
  6. Do you treat people well?
  7. Do you lie regularly?
  8. Have you ever bullied anybody?
  9. Do you wear socks, with all your shoes?
  10. Do you think that you are beautiful?

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Quiz topic: How ugly am I?