Are You Ugly??????

Ugly people are all around us. Sometimes you wanna just tell them to put on some make up or stop wearing disgusting goth clothes. Lets think about others people, if your ugly, stop denying it and take action!

ARE YOU UGLY? I know we all think were all the hottest s--- out there but what about those ugly people you always see? You might be one of them! Take this quiz and find out if your hot or not! I hope you pass! This is GREAT

Created by: Mary Lynn

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  1. What color is your hair?
  2. When people look at look at you they say...
  3. You wear sweats to school or out in public and are not embarrased.
  4. You have massive acne on your face
  5. You wear black more than twice a week and people consider you goth.
  6. You have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
  7. You wear brown and black together
  8. You took this quiz because you are seriously considering that the reason you dont have friends is because you are ugly.
  9. A child has called you ugly before.
  10. Your friends are goth, emo, and/or geeks.

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Quiz topic: Am I Ugly??????