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  • 16% NOT ugly

    EW your freakin UGLY!!! Go comb your hair or something because you look like a nasty freak! Wear something with a little more color! UGLY!

    I DO comb my hair, thank you VERY much. I happen to like wearing black, I don't have a boyfriend because I don't want one, and who gives a f**k if I want to hang out with nerds? It seems to me like being ugly has less to do with how pretty you look and more to do with what your favorite color is and who your friends are.

  • Thank you i dont need any F***IN HELP from the " hotties"

    And i sometimes enjoy hanging out with goths and emos thank u very much

  • i thought i was ugly too! every time i see my reflection it shouts that i am.

  • 13% NOT ugly?! Am I really?

  • I thought I was ugly. My mirrior says so every fizzucking day! J/k.

    Jeri Sparkles
  • 20% wtf :"( F*** you yes im emo/goth that doesnt mean im ugly f*** you stupid fu**ing preps and you wonder why we hate you guys and call you stupid whores >: (

    sami tabor
  • yay! im 82% NOT ugly!!!:D -sharay


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