How Well Do You Know Pete Doherty

Hah hah. You think your a Doherty genius. Find out and take this great quiz. It'll tell you in minutes if you know it or you dont. Have you travelled the seas of albion to arcadia? Set the sails of albion with Doherty himself? Are you the other him here to tell your story..the rights and the wrongs? We'll See.

Frighteningly funny that some people think they are the doherty GENIUS but unfortunately they aint..Find out if you are!! take this wonderful quiz and in minutes the answers will be on your screen ready for you to claim your prize or leave your trilby and duffel coat at the door..

Created by: sian of dohertys-daughter
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  1. What band did pete doherty used to be in?
  2. What band is Pete currently in?
  3. Where is he from?
  4. Who is he currently dating?
  5. Who is he currently dating?
  6. What is the name of his mother?
  7. What is the name of the book his mother wrote about him?
  8. What is the given name of his personal diaries?
  9. How many times has he been to Rehab?
  10. Pete has around 50 pairs of shoes (or even more)
  11. Pete was re-united with which ex band member earlier this year after a bust up that happened around 2 years ago..

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