How well do you know Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy?

Wow you really know Pete Wentz! You know its sort of stalking but who cares he's absolutley adorable who wouldn't? You know him so well that you could be his best friend! You wished learning of Pete was a subject in school you would so pass!

Wow you don't really know Pete Wentz at all afterall you must of just took this test out of curiostiy just to know who Pete is. It dosen't matter though because you have other people to be interested in.

Created by: Caroline

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  1. When is Pete Wentz's birthday?
  2. What state is Pete Wentz from?
  3. Pete Wentz was in what band before Fall Out Boy?
  4. What is Pete's full name?
  5. What does Pete play in Fall Out Boy?
  6. What is Pete's dogs name?
  7. What is Pete's clothing line called?
  8. Pete has a sister?
  9. Pete has a record label called Decaydance,which of these bands are really on his record deal?
  10. Was Pete dating Ashlee Simpson?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy?