Are You Hotter Than Ashlee Simpson?

My quiz is about Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz. I was motivated to create thiss quiz because it was the first thing that popped into my head.I love being on the internet and so I did a google search on how to make a quiz and found this website.So that's how I began to make this quiz.

Are YOU hotter than Ashlee Simpson? When you find out contact me by e-mail.When you emal me make sure you send it to my email adress at

Created by: Jessica of
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  1. Are you a Fall Out Boy fanatic?
  2. Do you like Ashlee Simpson?
  3. Do you any of Pete's C.D.'s?
  4. Do you idolize Ashlee?
  5. Do you idolize Pete?
  6. Do yuo think Ashlee & Pete are cute together?
  7. What's your style
  8. Do youlove designers?
  9. Are you in love with Pete?
  10. Whats your fave designer?

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Quiz topic: Am I Hotter Than Ashlee Simpson?