Test Your Charmed Trivia

Take the Charmed quiz and test your knowledge here and now! Don't be scared. The lovely Halliwell sisters will save you from all of those evil demons and warlocks!

Charmed ran for 8 seasons on the WB and there are lots of tid bits to try and remember. The show starred Shannon Doherty (s1-3) Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan (s4-8).

Created by: Polly

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  1. What is Paige's birth father's name?
  2. What was the name of the demon that killed Prue?
  3. In the second season finale, what power did Phoebe possess temporarily?
  4. What was Piper arrested for in season 8?
  5. What is Leo's last name?
  6. What city did Phoebe live in prior to moving back in with her sisters at the manor
  7. What symbol is on The Book of Shadows?
  8. Who is Piper's main squeeze in the majority of season 2?
  9. What year did Piper graduate from high school?
  10. Who kidnapped Christie as a child?
  11. Leo was all of these except one. Which one?
  12. What is the Woogy?
  13. Who morphs?
  14. Who does Phoebe live happily ever after with?
  15. Who began and wrote the prophecy of the charmed ones?
  16. What was the second power that Prue obtained?
  17. Who was Jenny?
  18. Who does Paige marry?

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