How indie are you?

From Pete Doherty to the Kaiser Chiefs, there's many indie people around today, are you like them? Find out how indie you are in 15 short questions.. go on, have a peep!

How indie are you? Do you have the big sunglasses, skinny jeans and coolness to qualify for the best group of people in the world? In a few short minutes you'll find out.

Created by: Max of myspace
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  1. Cd's or Vinyls?
  2. The NME is...
  3. The Libertines are...
  4. You go to gigs...
  5. Do you watch MTV2?
  6. Vintage clothes are...
  7. The Klaxons are...
  8. Do you know all the new bands before eveyone else?
  9. Skinny jeans are...
  10. Do you read books?
  11. Converse's are...
  12. Best country in the world
  13. Do you go to festivals?

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Quiz topic: How indie am I?