Do You Know Your Indie Music?

There are many people who think they comprehend the "indie" stereotype. fact 1: indie is not a stereotype. Its a way of life. Of Muisc and clothes also. You listen to what you want, you wear what you want... and you do what you want too, without trying to be like any stereotype. Thats what its all about.

So test yourself on your knowledge of indie music, and see if you REALLY know your stuff. Can you tell apart The Shins from The Smiths? Could you smell a Horrors song at 20 paces? We'll see... so take this quiz, and find out.

Created by: rachel

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  1. Okay. Lets do this thing. Name three songs by death cab for cutie.
  2. Your Opinion Of Fall Out Boy?
  3. On Your Ipod Is:
  4. "I am the son... And the heir..."
  5. The Lead Singer Of The Shins?
  6. Indie Stands For:
  7. When was NME established?
  8. Myths Of The Near Future:
  9. Name a song by Ipso Facto:
  10. Vincent. Who or What IS That?
  11. Who is The Lead Singer Of THe Horrors?
  12. "Shes, a special girl you know. The Kind I'd Like To See..."
  13. Name two songs by New Young Pony Club:
  14. 2 Songs By Modest Mouse:
  15. Who Is The Drummer In Muse?
  16. In The AMAZING Television Show, The Mighty Boosh, who, in previous episodes was Harvey Moon's Love Interest?
  17. Finally... Name 2 songs By The Klaxons

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Quiz topic: Do I Know my Indie Music?